Friday, November 23, 2012

...and Yes im selling Durians...

Salam Sinema;

At this hour,im not sleeping yet, thinking and thinking of how to generate money from my rm10,000 savings.Weird because its far away from how it was before,thinking of story,thinking of genre,thinking of photography,thinking of other creative part on making movies,..yup its weird though...

And afterall we all knew the bad time of cinema collection now and the season is still ongoing,should i say the bad season.thanks to all the filmmakers who think they can make film and who thinks that ppl is really love to watch their craft.If u down with under par dont worry its the bad season.

AND YES IM SELLING DURIANS  cos there is more ppl out there think that they can make movies and ppl love their movies..and ill be back after all those ppl season.

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